www.greenpowerscience.com This is a big 46" parabolic mirror with a 1M focal length. The lens can reach about 2700F max collection. Not 100% sure about those figures yet as a mount is still needed and the mirror flexes a bit. TRUE MIRROR, NOT MYLAR.



    @the43k The best way is for cooking or solar heating water through a closed loop system for a heat exchanger. The second requires tracking and mounting.

  2. the43k

    These mirrors look very cool… But can you please help me. Other then for some parlor trick or science show, how can I use this on a daily or weekly basis and conserve energy? And when I say use them, I mean in an easy, user friendly way.

  3. eloid777

    you mention that you made this parabolic mirror how do make the the mirror fisnih?

  4. gtphase111

    Nice mirror/s, would work great incorporated with a Stirling Engine power system, especially here in Australia … keep up the good work and Go Green !

  5. kdkinen

    wow man! this is IT
    good one

  6. IronHorsez88

    Can A Parabola melt glass? At what temperature does glass metl?


    @innterru ????????? ???? ???? ?????????

  8. innterru

    ?????????? ??????????, ??? ????? ?????????? ????? ??????? ??? ??? ??? ????? ???????????

  9. geekfish

    Glass radiates heat faster than copper, heats up faster and cools faster. You could incorporate a steel boiler with thick glass lenses? Have multiple parabolic mirrors pointed at one boiler, bottom to top. I like the steal wool idea. Bring it a step further and put metal shavings in the boiler that could be reused, self circulating from the boiling water.

  10. liamjanin

    the metal inside should be black

  11. Mendelevium146

    how was the frame of the mirror made??

  12. shepnannie

    what if you used a chrome spray paint on one side of the bottle to reflect the light that passes through the bottle back after it passes through the water


    Black, Green, Blue. The key is concentrations of dye, clear water is best in this boiler and any dark object will work.


  14. jcornelius215

    Would colored water heat up faster?

  15. draculapw

    Make a cup of tea..

  16. ikemkrueger

    Pretty smart idea! Not sure what it could be good for.. But I like them! :D

  17. ikemkrueger

    Can you use the moonlight too to make something hot? :P

  18. WarzSchoolchild

    Great bit of ‘Lateral Thinking’ incorporating stainless steel wool in the water. It is also possible to make a reasonably good mirror, from just clay. (mud) you just line it with old CDs. which you focus individually, covering the others till the whole surface is covered in CDs. honeycomb style. The mirror can be a square block of wet clay/mud. set in a wooden frame/box.

  19. zibiaozheng

    what if that thing accidently shoot at ur penis?

  20. wrightylaaad

    does any low cost machine exist that you could mount a solar panel onto and it automatically track the sun all day? something like that would be great , we could harvest so much power from the sun

  21. jgoemat

    About 1300 watts per square meter hit the earth, about 1000 watts make it through the atmosphere. This mirror bisects an area of about 1.07 meters, so just about 1 kilowatt of solar energy would be focused by it.

  22. samueladams7

    About how many Snapple bottles will power a typical 1,200 – 1,500 sf house? I’m assuming that you’re going to use the steam to power a car alternator, yes? What do you do when there’s no sun?

  23. sickbuffalo

    OK, so you can boil about a pint of water with a 46 inch mirror. Do we just multiply 46 by 8, to find out how big a mirror we need to boil up a gallon? Or maybe it doesn’t work that way

  24. berramarco

    Interessante , portare in ebolizione un litro d’acqua con posizionamento manuale della parabola e facile ma riscaldare molti litri e con inseguimento automatico le cose si complicano. Marco.Italia.

  25. tordherflower

    but i didnt get it yet abt the sun when its change position,may be its center point remain stable or wot? plz

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