ALLPOWERS®108- 3×6 Untabbed Solar Cells DIY Solar Panel Kit w/Wire Flux Diodes

ALLPOWERS®108- 3x6 Untabbed Solar Cells DIY Solar Panel Kit w/Wire Flux Diodes

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3"x6"(78mm x 156mm)poly crystalline solar cell, multi-crystalline solar cell for educational kit?these are B Grade with small minor cosmetic defect. The power of this cell can reach at lease 1.9W each.

1. Model: 3x6*108+B*11+ D*3+ F*1+T*110
I. Solar Cells: 108pcs
II: Bus wires: 11 feet of bus wires.

III: Diodes: 3 diodes rated at 6 Amp
IV: Flux: 1 easy-to-use flux pen
V: Tabbing wires: 110 feet

1. One year product guarantee from Allpowers
2. Your Satisfaction is our Highest Priority. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products, shipping status, customer service and high quantity discount.

  • We laser cutted the solar cell for your to DIY you own solar house.
  • All the solar cell will be sorted and tested before delivery
  • 100% power output as we declared in the following,
  • We test solar cell by sun simulator, the most precise testing facility for your power output ensurance!

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