Diy The Cheapest Solar Panel System Ever Cheap Solar Power

See this solar panel system with lights. Inexpensive, easy to install, reduce your power bill. Cheap Solar Power. Cheap Home System. See my part 2 video.

10 Responses to Diy The Cheapest Solar Panel System Ever Cheap Solar Power

  1. MJElectronics


  2. BigBananaMan

    Your client’s site is useless. I? went there and the only thing I “learned” from your “plans” is that solar power exists and is done with solar panels.

  3. virginiabeachgirl

    Makron5, Where do you get your knowledge of physics from, Rush Limbaugh? Solar energy is a fact, as are solar panels. It’s how plants get their energy.. what? part don’t you understand?

  4. london1817

    Well now, Either way I bet you have wasted more money at Wal-mart than I got in the whole system.? I know…I have done it myself.

  5. carbonpoly

    The panels are made of silicon,when the suns rays hit the? surface it excites the atoms in the silicon…. producing energy. take a little time and find out some FACTS before you open your mouth and look like a retard.,

  6. carbonpoly

    UMMMmmm…..Every PLANT ever!! Dude,….The stone age called……wondering when you would be back!!!!?

  7. virginiabeachgirl

    LOL! HAHA! ROTFL!? I’m sure these messages were for Makron5, just in case he couldn’t figure that out!

  8. Makron5

    I’m supposed to believe solar panels are able to harness the magic beams of the sun because they are called photovoltaics? Like I said give me an example of anything on Earth that can derive energy from? the Sun in such a way.

  9. PhattyMo

    You’re hopeless.Go? crawl back under your rock,and stay there.

  10. BigBananaMan

    Trolls don’t absorb energy from the sun.? They get it from youtubers.

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