Environmental Protection Product—versatile Solar Mp4 Player

Welcome to the introduction of solar mp4 multi-media player in Globeoffer Blog. The player would bring you into a wonderful video and audio world as well as an incredible power source.
This versatile solar mp4 player is not an ordinary mp4 player, have a look at its appearance, novel design, folding mainpanel, 3.5 inch super wide display, more confortable to enjoy videos and playing games.

Basic function:
?Play audio: support music formats of MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, ADPCM, AMR etc, with high definite stereo sound performance.
?Play video: support AVI format film playing, achieving QVGA 25f/s fluent MPEG4 video playing effect
?Game support: support 8-bit Nintendo FC/NES, AND 16-bit GB/GBC game by third party simulator.
?Photos view: support JPEG?BMP?GIF animation photo browse and photo zooming, moving and browsing.
?Read books: support TXT format files reading function. Able to copy unfinished articles into U disc for any-time read. 
?Oral recite: support male and female real-person reciting of text books with 8 effect options.
?Background music: able to set MP3 music play as the background music play when reading e-text files.
?SD card extension: SD card extended memory with 2G maximum capacity, download and store unlimited files as you like.

Most attractive selling points:
?Firstly, charge by green energy solar power anywhere anytime when it run out of power. Use a high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon films, solar energy conversion efficiency as high as 12%.
?Secondly, No matter when and where you are, extremely convenient to charge for your phone or other digital products like digital cameras, palm computers, e-dictionary, MP3, MP4, MD, CD, shaver  and  portable dvd player, etc. Control circuit under the sunshine and save the solar-generated electric power into the built-in storage battery.
?Thirdly, Particularly applicable to emergency occasions.
When you working or travelling in the wild, solar charger will be helpful with you to keep your mobilephone on working state at any time and anywhere, uninterrupt with you to keep in touch with your friends and family
?Forthly,Environmental protection, energy conservation. The use of green energy solar energy, can make your contribution to environmental protection
As the big earthquake happened in Sichuan province and the flood attacked many regions in China this year, and many natural calamities happened worldwide, all these give caution to people in the world that everybody is responsible to protect the homeland especially the environment.

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