Inflatable Solar Collectors

Lateat video of this product: has a patented idea for inflatable solar collectors that are much cheaper than polished mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto Photovoltaic chips. Their design is 400x cheaper than polished aluminum mirrors, will withstand 130 mph winds, lasts a year, repairs with tape, takes 15 minutes to change out, costs $2 per balloon, or 18 cents per watt, compared to $5 per watt for conventional installations, and has a minimal effect on ...

25 Responses to Inflatable Solar Collectors

  1. thedirtydeltas

    Wouldn’t they explode when the air within them becomes hot.

  2. dhymers

    wow, nice simple approach to a parabolic concentrator. very nice.
    I wasn’t really impressed by the quality of the video, but I took a look at the site and was much more impressed with the FAQ’s etc…

  3. PeakPixels

    Actually tested in 125 mph winds, and designed so the concentrator can produce electricity in winds up to 40 mph.
    The wires and harnesses are very stable.

  4. garagecrap

    Too light to keep still in wind.

  5. scientificallygreene

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  6. beatryxa

    UL approve, who cares if they help do the work more proficiently, here in my country we don’t have that stupid agency, we just care if the thing is useful

  7. tenderlndr

    are they UL approve….

  8. toob247

    thats precisely the use , you get to build something with the finite supply of oil instead of using it once for energy.

  9. Seiku

    It lasts a very long time though.

  10. respectbluder

    jack 1

  11. brattzzzzz

    yeah, with special lens that increase the power of the sun like microscope lens

  12. gdolim8

    That’s truly amazing! I slashed my electric bill in half! look here: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

  13. paperacid

    that’s a beautiful idea

  14. motalli60

    Must be funny for my friend hunter !

  15. Beingreal40

    I don’t know what your comparing to as far as operational, maintence and construction cost. The current pannels installed on the roof are averaged at $16,000 grand start up cost. After about 20 years they have to be replaced. They’re not discarding the idea. It’s the cost comparison over the long run. And do you have the extra money to get started. Because you know you can’t get a loan.

  16. DanieljDixon

    My thoughts exactly… constant repairs after a while. But hey I always encourage new technology. I am not so sure this is it, but it is interesting.

  17. johan28

    I think it’s really funny how people are so skeptical of solar energy and how they want to discard the idea when we’re not going to be running out of any solar energy for a long, long time. That’s the hole in their entire argument. And once you have these systems in place, they’re the cheapest form of power available because their operational and maintenance costs are much lower than their construction costs.

  18. hammurabi8888

    We generally use solar collectors to heat water in Turkey.

  19. svesolar

    how long will the plastic last in the UV rays?

  20. diamondsmajestic1

    Seems a great idea for poor people if they can be made to last. I hope some clever energy researchers can help solve the reliability problem

  21. drakio99

    Why dont the made a solar panel with like special glass that makes suns energy %50000 more powerful to get like 10000 watts of power per second :D

  22. jerryaltman

    Since it use the optic principle of a concave mirror, it need to be direct pointed to the sun, and keept pointed. So as the sun move, relative moving, since Erth that moves, the ballon need to be pointed accompanyng the sun.

  23. littlejay123


  24. ravenise

    it is probably very simple to make them last longer… couldn’t one dip them in some kind of plastic/material that could extend its life? or is it the photovoltaic parts that degrade over time?

  25. bereaman

    Whats that mean exactly.?

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