Noribachi Introduces Full and Sectional Dimming on Brightest LED Lights

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(PRWEB) November 30, 2012

Noribachi, a premier US-based LED lighting engineering firm, introduces a full 0-10V dimming option for their entire range of LED lights. This capability opens up new possibilities and applications for many of the companys brightest lights, including the HIGHBAY.M LED luminaire, designed to replace 400-1000W mercury vapor bulbs.

In particular, the addition of dimming on Noribachis ultra-bright industrial LED lights will significantly help lower energy consumption and electrical bills, as well as reduce light pollution. Dimming allows for far more flexibility in lighting applications and provides more security than simple on-off photo or motion sensors.

While standard 0-10V dimming allows Noribachi to vary the light output of any light evenly, the company has also developed sectional dimming options to tailor illumination for unique applications. This allows an area to receive the same light that it would under full power, while reducing the light in surrounding areas, and has proven very successfully in security spot lighting applications.

Noribachi is a member of the International Dark-Sky Association and has completed many successful lighting installations in state and municipal parks that have been recognized as eliminating light pollution and promoting a healthy night sky.

The dimming option on Noribachis brightest LED lights is also an ideal solution for industrial lighting in and near light ordinance protected areas.

Noribachis dimmable LED solutions have become available in time for L.A. Countys revision to the Rural Outdoor Lighting District Ordinance. The revised legislation establishes a light pollution free zone in the Santa Monica Mountains and adjoining areas. Among the provisions are a ban on all mercury vapor lights and requirements for dimmable illumination.

Were thrilled to be able to offer dimming on all of our lights. One of the core principles at Noribachi is a dedication to tailoring products for our diverse clients. Not only does this expand our lighting customization options, it is also an increasingly important feature in almost all lighting applications. The ability to dim industrial and commercial lighting completely or by section is a necessity for the future of lighting, says Esther Santos, VP of Sales at Noribachi.


Noribachi is a premier US-based LED lighting engineering firm. Noribachi is dedicated to principles of efficient use of energy through LEDs, solar power, and sophisticated control systems.

Noribachi embraces the idea of artisan manufacturing with products crafted of premium components and hand assembled in Noribachis Los Angeles, CA manufacturing headquarters. Noribachi marries traditional insistance on quality with the lighting technology of the future in designs that emphasize engineering rigor and attention to minute details.

Noribachis modular light engines provide scalable solutions to convert any existing luminaire to LED, via either retrofit or new fixture integration. Noribachis industry leading technology incorporates the highest quality, highest lumen LEDs with custom designed lightboards, drivers and heat sinks for exceptional performance.

Independently tested by Intertek and fully certified, Noribachis LED products have passed the most demanding test of all: customer satisfaction. With over 8,000 completed projects including world class hotels and luxury automobile dealerships representing a diverse variety of markets across the US and internationally, Noribachi drives the lighting industry forward, defining trends with passionate devotion to integrity, quality, and design.

Noribachi is a privately held company with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Albuquerque, NM. For more information please visit


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