Off Grid Cabin – Solar Electric Power System overview

Off Grid Cabin - Solar Electric Power System overview

Here is the much requested overview of my solar electrical power system... Here is where I purchased my solar panel and charge controller from : http://sunel...

Off Grid Cabin - Solar Electric Power System overview

25 Responses to Off Grid Cabin – Solar Electric Power System overview

  1. buffcleb

    you can… for a very short time… if you want to run AC or heat or any other high power use items for a long period of time this system will not do it… you would? need a much larger setup… more batteries, panels, inverters… really it is night and day difference… this will run high power items for a little while… I routinely run power saws, sanders and other tools but by there very nature it is a short run time…

  2. sallo sobi

    I really liked you video, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Just a quick question, can we run air conditioner or cooler with this? system? If not, any suggestion as to how it may be possible please?
    many thanks.

  3. buffcleb

    we have game cameras setup and have had no issues in the years it has been setup… You can not see the cabin from any roads so it is? pretty much unknown to locals… we are friends with the nearest neighbor who keeps a look out… having good neighbors is important…

  4. alyakmc1

    It’s surprising that no one steals? that shit.

  5. dogmusher

    You need a sun track for your? solar

  6. bsullivan7

    @buffcleb? Thanks for the information.

  7. buffcleb

    back when I built it around $2k maybe $2500… you could build it now for about $500 to $1000? less with the fall in the prices of the panels and parts…

  8. bsullivan7

    What was the total cost for? this project?

  9. DirtCheapPrepper

    Very Nice Setup?

  10. Gomez william c

    Green energy -Newton was wrong granted, all who show machines with no plans =fake? all who have plans and (of course) no machine fake this one has video, math in description and all specs measured in front of you in the film and no money it is free information all on the video and a 16 year old could build it ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  11. david leech

    nice job dude , im eh trapper,, looking for something like this? myself.

  12. Robert Swisher

    I can get you the some panels at wholesale? price …

  13. Robert Swisher

    I have that video made by my friend Mark …my email is? for the video.

  14. Robert Swisher

    I have a video of where you can hot water year round using solar technology ( ie; the sun , an old water heater tank striped down to the bear metal, painted flat black ,tilted on a 30* angle in a? box that is shown how to make , Tempered glass and ofcorse water coming into the watertank . my email is for the video :

  15. SoulJah876

    What’s your? daily load like?

  16. Stephen Bradley

    You did a good job, I’d like to see the size of your cabin? since I am in the works of building mine 1200 sq ft. I am also in wheelchair so I need open spaces & flouresent bulbs. I will post mine in Sept. I just needed to know how much watts I really need for a fridge, washer/dryer combo and lights. Is 180 enough for a 18 cu ft fridge etc

  17. ph1sh100

    Great? video

  18. buffcleb

    No… my system will not run an electric stove for any amount of? usable time
    anytime you are generating heat with electricity you will require such a large system that it becomes to expensive… this goes for hot water as well… look towards gas for heating requirements…

  19. jaja51181

    Hi, is it possible? to use electric stove with the same solar panel system you have there? Thanks.

  20. max saylor

    If you want? to power your home
    you have to learn to build your own solar panels
    go to Google and search for:
    “top Diy Solar Panel Review”
    Choose the first result (skip the Advertisement on top)

  21. buffcleb

    not currently… its in the plans… but realistically not for a couple more years… I want to put a small addition onto the cabin for a bathroom, storeroom? and mudroom… I’d put the fridge in the mudroom probably…

  22. jr1984pop

    Do you have/or run? a refridgerator in your cabin also?

  23. purrtypaws

    Ya done good.? I enjoyed lookin at yer system.

  24. stafhon jeseon

    Do you use a powerchair but are tired? of the restrictions on range Well you can easily turn that restriction into a historial footnote for as little as $300.00 (not to me, but for the supplies needed)… After 5 weeks and several hundred miles of runtime, we still have yet to need the power companey to recharge.ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  25. stafhon jeseon

    guys check this ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM? My wife is proud of me:)).. after I managed to build … I could not believe that I’m thinking to sell energy.. WOW…This man has made a business out of it and now help others ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM will learn how and what to do and will also help if you need it… good luck to everyone

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