Solar – Miles Davis

Visit my website at for midi files, backing tracks and solo transcriptions. I am so impressed by the outstanding playing of fellow pianist Doug McKenzie (Jazz2511) and his fantastic annotations explaining what he is doing that I thought I'd give it a try. Wow! I have a new respect for you Doug! It's a lot of work to try to put into words what is going on in the music. Well anyway, here is my effort using the classic Miles tune Solar. I know all the parts that aren't annotated are the ones you really want to know about - but at least here is a start.

Solar - Miles Davis

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  1. Lot2learn

    @PolyMathey Nice observation, thanks for the comment.

  2. PolyMathey

    The essence of jazz is exploration and self discovery. When it becomes too formulated it starts sounding derivative. Excellent derivation however!

  3. Lot2learn

    @danieljones013 Try outlining an F minor 7 chord in unison ascending then descending on a G minor 7 chord in unison.

  4. danieljones013

    3:47 which note are you playing in the right hand its one meldy note and in the left hand is that the same note or a different note? Also, is this the technique they use in bossa novas when they play the one note per hand thingy your doing here? Please help?

  5. LazyHammond91

    2:40 “Db maj scale playing FUCKING fast” ahahah great!

  6. LazyHammond91

    I just studied this song and learned the horace silver solo, I’ve listened to bill evans version than I saw yours.. and it’s definetly amazing!

  7. Lot2learn

    @gn2568 I appreciate your comment.

  8. gn2568

    great sound… learned a lot. Thank you..!! You’re such a great player!!!

  9. pablo12co

    So There you have some music theory!

  10. GMD825

    Oh I see… I asked because I was taught the first chord was the CMaj/Min …are you on FB ? My email is

  11. Lot2learn

    @GMD825 The notes I am using are from the C Dorian modal scale which I use to improvise for the first 2 bars.

  12. GMD825

    Got a question for you, in the LH voicing Eb A D, you then said to go to F Bb Eb. Is it not more correct to play diatonically and play F B natural Eb because of the C maj/min chord? Or does it not matter and just builds tension ? Thanks…

  13. Lot2learn

    @GMD825 Thank you for your comment.

  14. GMD825

    Wow! Thanks so much for this! I’m happy I discovered it! You’re a great player and glad to gave this to study! Thank you…! Guy

  15. RMcGO28716

    @Lot2learn Bud, Blues scale sounds great . Playing this Tune on Tenor Saxophone key of D. Thinking would I be playing a G Blues Scale a 4th away ??
    Best always
    Robert H MCGowan

  16. Lot2learn

    @RMcGO28716 Thanks for your comment – it is appreciated.

  17. RMcGO28716

    Beautiful sound , wonderful improv.
    Serious chops . Has to live in NYC
    Robert H McGowan…

  18. godrobert18

    I do not understand 2 on 3 rhythm. Is there any explanation and examples for the beginner. Please send me some website :)

  19. Lot2learn

    @alowderm Yes. ;-)

  20. alowderm

    Sounds great. Listen to a lot of Bill Evans and McCoy Tyner?

  21. Lot2learn

    @Sveccha93 Thanks!

  22. Sveccha93

    Every time I watch this I learn something new…you are a godsend.

  23. Lot2learn

    I appreciate your comment.

  24. naturalsmind

    Good lord …. you killed it

  25. satziebaby

    OK , in that case, hoo da foo are u. and you live where? i might have work 4 u..

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