Solar Panel Diy Make Your Own Solar Panel Build Solar Panels

This is the basics of tabbing cells together. Tabbing solar cells with tab wire and a flux pen.

Evergreen Solar Cells

Sun Electronics

10 Responses to Solar Panel Diy Make Your Own Solar Panel Build Solar Panels

  1. 19brokenlonesome19

    wow, i didn’t know that it was just easy to make a solar panel,just be careful,.. where? can you buy solar cells,.?do hardware sell some solar cells,.?& what does blocking diodes look like,.?

  2. luidavinci

    Good stuff. I want to learn more about making these myself for? my own home.

  3. jellynation

    what? a waste he just broke it

  4. ollieoniel

    Id like to see these guys do a? large scale version of their projects.

  5. stonecoldjason

    so your going? to have to cover your whole roof just too light up a blub

  6. kingzdomain13

    I thought the video was excellent and very informative im sold im going to check your website now thnk’s guyz. :0 )?

  7. pinkyzoey

    The girl? is useless, except to distract guys to her boobs.

  8. ifjtoledo

    So beautiful tits, have that woman!!!, anyway i learn about green? energy

  9. jimmcc51

    Where do you buy your solar? panels?

  10. Koiboy70

    Excellent! Very? informative.

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