Solar Roadways: The Prototype

Help Solar Roadways win the GE Ecomagination Home prize with your vote: The Solar Roadways project is working to pave roads with solar panels that you can drive on. Co-founder Scott Brusaw has made some major steps forward since our first visit back in 2007, so we visited him again earlier this year for an exclusive update on the project, including the first ever video recorded of the Solar Roadways prototype! For more information visit . This Solar Roadway project will be featured in the upcoming feature film by YERT - Your Environmental Road Trip. To learn more about YERT, visit http . And you can become a fan of YERT on Facebook here:

Solar Roadways: The Prototype

25 Responses to Solar Roadways: The Prototype

  1. TomsGuns

    @TheSolarRoadways That’s awesome, I love you guys. These are the sort of ideas that make the world a better place

  2. acavideo

    I question how strong these could really be, and what would happen with crash divots, vehicle fires, etc. Repairs would be more costly and time-delaying than dumping on new asphalt. Waiting is bad enough as-is.

    “Solarizing” only selected stretches of road makes more sense; maybe that’s the master plan for this. Or, just cover road shoulder areas vs. actual driving surfaces. Much less wear that way.

    Regardless, this seems a lot better than defacing the land with more and more wind turbines.

  3. tagsalemaps

    Awesome idea I want one in my driveway, my walkway, my roof and as a floor in my house

  4. zzchrisd

    Another feat of engineering that would help wean us from the coal and oil addiction. But like the MagLev railway, like fusion power, it will never see the light of day until we as a human race are pushed to the edge of survival and are forced to use alternative energy. We’ll never adapt these technologies now, when we should, before we reach the precipice.

  5. bluegloves100

    This is a good idea as well!!!!

  6. manof1000voices

    what a stupid idea

  7. jimmywilkes

    good idea, good luck with it. ontario Can.

  8. him89

    @coldReactive a textured surface such as a small amount of sand pressed into the glass while its being produced not so much to block out the sun but enough to add some grip. Or perhaps frosting the glass.

  9. AlphaGeminorium

    @CornFlake37 That was my thought, too. This won’t happen with long stretches of road just yet, but I’m sure it can be proven in parking lots, side streets, alleys, etc first. Then when it’s proven, I can imagine how this will surely take off and be a real winner.

  10. AlphaGeminorium

    American innovation at its very best. YOU GO!

  11. coldReactive

    @him89 I hear that. You also might consider the cost cutting of this technology as a whole too: Less brine, less salt, no paint needed. That would cut three costly things for roads. We would still need stand for some traction. But using too much of that can cause issues.

  12. him89

    @coldReactive thought of a way to make thermal solar fields much more efficient and cheaper to manufacture too. But of course no one listens to a 22 year old without a college education.

  13. AngryRantingNerd

    I don’t think this could happen in a lot of Canada because there’s so much snow on the road all the time.

  14. jjpg2000

    This is brilliant.

  15. coldReactive

    @him89 Now you’re thinking with solar panels.

  16. CornFlake37

    Start with parking lots for sure. This is going to happen eventually, once its safe. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

  17. TwilightObsessor07

    This is absolutely genius !! This would be absolutely revolutionary !! I completely support this & would LOVE to see this in the near future. Good luck !! :]]

  18. pcout183

    I support any road surface which doesn’t feel like driving over a washboard after five years of midwest winters.

  19. TheOne42

    and what if the temperature is too high like in hot summer day, wont the tires melt?

  20. jax12327

    Wouldn’t sidewalks be easier to do to start off with?

  21. him89

    Now put wireless power transmitters in them and receivers in every car and boom electric cars will have a chance. I saw a TED video of a small transmitter powering a tv from 3 feet away, IDK about you but my car isn’t more than 3 feet away from the road. Just sayin, it might be something for these guys to look into.

  22. MrEnergyCzar

    We are past peak oil so we don’t have the energy (money) to transition to this or anything like it… Great concept though.

  23. selearemus

    I like it

  24. cutelyaware

    Looks like one of those ideas which seems OK in principle, but which has way too many unknowns to actually make practical. They got some funding, created a 12 foot patch with lights and then never had the guts to actually try driving across it. Maybe a worthy experiment but don’t get too excited before they even make a single mile of the stuff.

  25. cutelyaware

    Looks like one of those ideas which seems OK in principle, but which has way too many unknowns to actually make practical.

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