Swiss Test of Round-the-world Solar Plane

A solar plane with wings as wide as a 747 and the power of a small motorboat took to the skies for the first time, cruising for nearly one-and-a-half hours in a step toward becoming the first sun-powered aircraft to circle the world. (April 7)

20 Responses to Swiss Test of Round-the-world Solar Plane

  1. IronHorsez88


    Even though a college graduate, my posting was written so a kindergartner could comprehend the idea. There are just some ignorant kids out there that need to go back to reading comprehension in middle school before posting replies to anything they read.

    Where you from? South Carolina?
    Please- spare us your childish antics. There’s no humor in it.

  2. nebulawars

    @TheMostCleverAlias that’s called development. It costs a shitload, but if it produces a product that can be sold. You can earn huge. It’s a gamble.

  3. airlinerdude12

    @TheMostCleverAlias , no, your probably worth more, so you are the most retarded thing ever seen

  4. airlinerdude12

    @IronHorsez88 , wow when did the sun rotate around the earth, what time period are you in you idiot.

  5. ParallaxFilm

    That’s a new look!

  6. mrjimhoward

    This is great news for travellers

  7. TrutherD1

    Wow, he’s flying with solar power despite the thick chemtrail haze skies. Great job.

  8. TheMostCleverAlias

    At $100 million, this is the most retarded thing I have ever seen.

  9. Sojujinn

    Supposedly, NASA or other American high technology companies should have done this, but I suspect there were some “interference” with NON-oil based technology. It is bizarre how many solar powered and electric based engines have “died” in the U.S. As I recall, solar powered planes could sometimes be used to replace space based satellites as they could cover one area for weeks or longer as the technology gets perfected.

  10. katey1dog


  11. IronHorsez88

    it certainly cannot circle the earth in 24 hours because I believe they say that the sun if it was moving and the earth was stationary — the sun ‘travels’ around the earth at around 1000 MPH or this would be around 1600 KPH. Since they say this plane flys below 30 MPH, it could only go 700 miles in a day- I don’t see how.

  12. niupaidanui

    @liOVERLOADil This one has a pilot.

  13. ParallaxFilm

    Crazy technology!

  14. liOVERLOADil

    Didn’t NASA do this like 15 years ago?

  15. niupaidanui

    Assuming that it doesn’t carry significant amounts of battery storage, it’ll have to keep flying to stay within daylight. Otherwise, should night catch up, solar panels would not be much use. Thus there would be a maximum (and minimum) to how long a round-the-world trip would take. 24hrs +/-? Who here is smart enough to do the math? :)

  16. swordofisis

    Think of how big it would have to be to carry people at the same power to weight ratio! The bigger it got the more power it would need, bigger motors would weigh more… blah blah blah, lets not hold our breath. big zepplins filled with something besides hydrogen would be better. big electric airships would be cool! Solar panels could help extend their range and they could swap out rechargable batteries at ports!

  17. Zbates9513

    @TrutherD1 lol

  18. TrutherD1

    Why can’t we just fly plasma balls like the aliens do? watch?v=QgRZ0VFvqiw

  19. digitalbots

    that will be the slowest trip around the world….

  20. starcatcher7777

    I am impressed ! Dont know if it will hold up in any weather but .. Neither did the first flight of the Wright Bros.

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